About the Company

Young, Fun and Original

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Young, fun and original, Xtra offers a totally unique online retail experience for the Middle East. Fashion-conscious, 20-something customers choose Xtra for its own aspirational yet accessible product selection, brands huge why choice of brands and authentically urban aesthetic.Born in 2018, Xtra has grown into a brand that champions digital innovation, has a fiercely independent spirit and inspires its fashion loving customer to experiment with their style. Its vast product mix includes exclusive in-house collections, sports & activewear and globally recognized brands.

  • Newest ProductsModern and new products
  • Free ShippingAll around the world free
  • 100% Return Guarantee100% Money back guarantee
  • Original Brand ProductsAll brands new original products
  • Warranty Replacement100% Safe warranty replacement
  • Live SupportPhone and Email support

We Are In Numbers

We are expert in fashion clothes

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